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The world of large format printing can be quite overwhelming when it comes to purchasing the right material for the projected use. Given the multitude of substrates, equipment, methods, and techniques available, how do you know what to use and when. So whether you’re a veteran or new to the market, here are six applications you should definitely consider:

  1. Direct-to-Corrugated or Board Stock Traditional POP/POS involves printing a large image onto a desired paper, and then gluing it to a board or corrugated stock. This process adds cost to your project. For some uses direct to corrugated or board printing can be a great way to image your POP/POS by using our flatbed printer that prints directly on the board and delivering beautiful high req images.

  2. Wall Graphics With large format printing, you can design and produce wall graphic decals. Just like a Window Cling but constructed to affix to walls, Wall Decals are light adhesive-backed. They print in full color on one side. It is designed for display on interior walls, though you can also use it on other smooth surfaces.

  3. Vinyl Floor Graphics Stop traffic in its tracks with high quality Vinyl Floor Graphics. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Prints on a 4mil vinyl with a 3mil luster finish lamination for a beautiful scuff-resistant graphic your customer will notice and remember.

  4. Aluminum Floor Graphics Or for something completely unique use our 20mil Aluminum Textured Floor Graphic material that is printed directly on an anti-slip surface. This unique high-friction surface provides anti-slip stability and meets OSHA standards for both wet and dry conditions. The aluminum-backed material can be used on sidewalks, parking lot surfaces, courtyards and factory floors. This material holds up to heavy foot traffic, rolling vehicles and all types of weather.

  5. Acrylic Signs Give branding a fresh look with 1/4" Acrylic Signs! Clear and translucent, these signs are made of a lightweight, durable polymer that's an excellent substitute for glass. Logos, text and graphics pop with vibrant printing that adds depth and clarity. Low UV sensitivity and all-around weather resistance mean Acrylic Signs look beautiful longer, giving your customers a unique signage option that lasts!

  6. Aluminum Wall Prints Dye Sublimation Aluminum turns metal prints into gallery-worthy displays featuring greater depth, color saturation and contrast. Our 0.045" panels are waterproof and scratch-resistant so your customers can count on them to last, and we print on a white gloss surface to give images an extra pop! Ideally suited for businesses wanting to display dynamic photos, images and branding.

When choosing a substrate for your next large format project, keep in mind that there are lots of options available. At Graphic Productions we are here to answer your questions and print on the best materials to fit your project!

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